Why WSI’s International Network Makes The Difference


Googleplex is the corporate headquarters of Google Inc, located in Mountain View, California, and undoubtedly the seat of the search engine world. Aside from being one of the greatest places in the world to work (Google has won “Best Company to Work For” by Fortune) it is undoubtedly the site of the some of the world’s most cutting edge digital technology.

Thanks to WSI’s partnership with Google, our consultants have been invited to an exclusive visit to Googleplex. This is a rare and exciting opportunity that is afforded to only a special few around the world, but while this opportunity itself is great, it is not the real story here.

The real story is that because of WSI’s global reach and network, these are the types of opportunities that we make happen. Our global network of industry experts in over 80 countries are constantly sharing information, strategies and innovations to ensure that we stay ahead of the digital marketing curve. We have created strategic alliances, partnerships and memberships in industry associations all over the world and it’s these kind of alliances that give us a distinct edge in the marketplace.

That is the WSI difference: when you get our services you are not just getting our local teams expertise, you are getting a global networks worth of digital marketing intelligence.

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