The Rules of Engagement on Pinterest

Posted by on 30 Sep 2013 under Social Media

You want to make sure that the presence you create with your Pinterest Boards and Pins is one of professionalism and reflects the standard of the way you do business. Brush up on your pin etiquette and follow the written and unwritten rules. Here are a few pointers : Who is the owner? When repinning someone else’s pin that, for example, links to a good article and you comment on the article… do not had your own URL underneath the comment. This confuses ownership. The […]

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Pinterest Cookies – To Have or Not to Have

Posted by on 16 Aug 2013 under Social Media

Some of us merely use our social media profiles for personal interest, including having our own Pinterest profiles and boards to collect pins on things that interest us or projects we might be working on, such as planning a wedding or renovating a bathroom, or collecting exercise moves. But I’m guessing most you that will read this article uses Pinterest to create an appropriate audience for your business and help sell your products or services, or like we at WSI, use several Pinterest accounts as […]

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Let Your Customers Hit Your Target with Pinterest

Posted by on 12 Jul 2013 under Social Media

When I visualise my understanding of Pinterest, I see a picture of many little Indians with bows and arrows enthusiastically seeking out any target to strike. Relay that to Pinterest… in a very big way… millions of little Indians with Pin It arrows looking for targets! You can make your business become a major tribe in the survivor story by setting up well-strategised targets. The statistics reflected on the infographic below are telling a very interesting story about the effects of Pinterest on channelling traffic […]

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Are You Re-pinning Your SEO Marketing Strategy Yet?

Posted by on 28 Jun 2013 under Social Media


A couple of week’s ago Pinterest announced Rich Pins. This allows the user to add additional information regarding that pin, over and above the current information that can be provided. An example would be adding ingredients to a recipe pin or available colours on a pin about leather couches. And as per Pinterest’s promise, this is only the beginning. More information = more unique content = SEO benefits = more traffic It’s a fact Consider the following facts: Pinterest is the fastest stand-alone website to […]

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