Your Business is an Art

Posted by on 02 Aug 2013 under Marketing

Creativity in a business is an essential ingredient in the success recipe. This does not mean being able to draw more than a stickman or out-of-this-world cupcake designs! This is the creative thinking required to come up with innovative ideas, different ways of solving problems and conceptualisation of new products or systems or services in your business. It has been proven that businesses that remain creative in their thinking have a significant advantage over their competitors. We at WSI believe that the fact that we […]

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6 Smart Insights To Improve Your Multi-Channel Retailing

Posted by on 10 Jun 2013 under Marketing

Traditional brick and mortar retailers are increasingly turning to the internet to catch information hungry prospects before they make buying decisions. Are you responsible for the marketing of a multi-channel retail business? If so, you’ve probably already discovered there is far more to online retail marketing than just having a website. You also need to ensure your site can be found by your customers and convince them to take action. If it cannot be found when people are searching for your products, it will result […]

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