Get more business: Google Adwords conversion tracking

Posted by on 01 Nov 2013 under Marketing

As a business owner, you probably realise the importance of having a presence on the web and getting visitors to your website. However, you may also be aware that some website visitors are more likely to convert (complete your enquiry form, purchase a product, sign up for your newsletter etc) than others. The good news is that it is possible to not only attract more visitors to your website with Google Adwords, it is also possible to determine how to attract visitors that are more […]

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About Google Analytics – Part 2

Posted by on 28 Oct 2013 under Online Tools

How do I know if my website is really converting visitors into leads? In order to measure website performance effectively, goal tracking needs to be implemented in addition to the default implementation of Google Analytics. Goals are set up from within the Google Analytics account according to your website and business needs. A goal refers to any action taken by a website visitor that is deemed valuable. Examples of website goals includes: Filling in an online enquiry form Subscribing to a newsletter Completing an online […]

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About Google Analytics – Part 1

Posted by on 03 Oct 2013 under Online Tools

Google Analytics is a comprehensive web analytics solution that is available to any business with a website. Once implemented, Google Analytics will immediately start answering some of your questions including: How many people visited my website? How long did they stay? How many pages did they view? How many of them returned to the website? Where are these visitors located (country, city, region)? What language do they speak? Did these visitors access my website on a desktop computer, mobile or tablet? What browser do they […]

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