Why the Customer Experience You Deliver is Vital in A Digital World

Posted by on 17 May 2021 under Design

Businesses, whether online via eCommerce or in physical space, are always facing human beings. People are who we are selling to, who we are delivering products to, and who we are providing service to. The human element of business has always made developing relationships with customers essential, just as real estate agents have always made an effort to make empty, on-the-market homes feel homier (using tricks like baking cookies). Although the increasingly virtual nature of business has reduced face to face contact with one’s customers, […]

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Web Design Trends For 2014

Posted by on 20 Feb 2014 under Design

Last year we looked at some of 2013’s top web design trends. The top trends were highlighted, illustrated and briefly explained in an infographic. While in the blog content, I briefly discussed potential trends for 2014. I pointed out Flat Design, Responsive Design and Infinite Scrolling as my top trend picks for 2014. Responsive Design is, of course, an obvious one. I would actually hesitate to call it a design trend, because I believe it is here to stay. But at of that aside, now […]

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Don’t Make Me Scroll

Posted by on 07 Feb 2014 under Content, Design

Websites scroll, it is the way of the internet. Ever since the earliest days of the internet, when there is a page of any significant length the page would simply scroll down until you ran out of content. Even in our modern age of responsive design and mobile devices, we still rely on scrolling, but is there a better way? From a marketing point of view, I’m constantly being asked the question, is that content or feature above the fold? In other words, is it […]

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What is Flat Design?

Posted by on 11 Oct 2013 under Design

I briefly mentioned Flat Design in my previous blog post, but what is it actually? Flat Design is one of the latest trends in Web Design and in User Interfaces in general, Apple’s iOS 7 has moved away from the skeuomorphic design of iOS 6 and adopted a basic form of Flat Design. Essentially Flat Design is a minimalistic approach to design, it makes use of solid colours with little or no gradients applied and has a very 2D look about it. No textures, bevels […]

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Web Design Trends in 2013

Posted by on 11 Oct 2013 under Design

As 2013 draws to a close, that’s right there have less than 3 months left of the year 2013, let’s take a look at some of the Web Design trends of the year. Responsive Design, Metro, Minimalism, Typography, Parallax Scrolling, Infinite Scrolling, Fixed Headers, Single Page Websites, Large Image Backgrounds and Content First, these where the buzzwords of this year, but the question is, which of these trends will be dated next year and which will stand the test of time? Take a look at […]

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How CSS Can Improve Your UX

Posted by on 23 Aug 2013 under Design, Development

User Experience or UX, in web design terms, is how a user experiences a website. This includes everything from the usability of the website, to how the user feels about the look and feel of the website. UX depends on various factors including how long a website takes to load, how easy it is to use and to navigate and how the website is presented visually. When creating various visual elements on a website, such as buttons, navigation bars and backgrounds, many people still use […]

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Why Responsive Design?

Posted by on 31 May 2013 under Design, Development

Responsive Design

My previous blog post asked the question: “Do you need a mobile friendly website?”, so after reading that you should already have a good idea of what mobile support could do for your online conversions. With all of this in mind, you’ve decided that you what your website to cater for mobile devices. What is the best way to implement this on your website? This question brings us to the topic of today’s blog post. We are going be taking a look at, what is […]

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Do You Need A Mobile Friendly Website?

Posted by on 17 May 2013 under Design, Development

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are everywhere. Last year saw an 81% growth in smartphone usage and globally, mobile devices now account for more than 13% of internet traffic. Yet, despite this, many sites do not cater for mobile devices. Now the reality of the matter is that everyone uses a mobile device, the question is, are your clients accessing your site from their mobile devices? This will be determined by various factors, ranging from your product/service to your target market’s age group and gender to industry standards. […]

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