Why Is Google+ Important For Your Website?

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Although not as big a social media force in South Africa as Facebook or even Twitter, Google+ is still (or should be) a very important part of any business’s online marketing plan. But why is this? Well, for a start Google+ IS Google!

What I mean by this statement is that Google has been very clever with the integration of Google+ with ALL of its products, including Google Docs, Chrome, Gmail, and YouTube. In fact, Google even went as far as to redesign their header across Search, News, Maps, Translate, Gmail and other Google products to incorporate Google+. It could even be said that it has literally become the glue that holds all of Google’s various services together creating an integrated whole.

What do others have to say?

Tech writer Mike Elgan summed up what Google is doing with its social media platform perfectly when he said that:

“Google took its various products and turned them into features of Google+, rather than treating Google+ as a standalone social network.”

This simple statement perfectly sums up why Google+ is important not only to Google, but your website and business as well.

Another tech writer, Brian Clark, also added that Google+ is an excellent content sharing platform that alerts Google to the fact that you are putting out quality articles. He even went as far as to say that:

“Building an audience on Google+ may be the smartest thing you do as a content marketer when it comes to improved search rankings. You still need to understand the language of your audience and reflect it back in your content, but Google will now have direct indications that you’re putting out quality stuff.”

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