Pinterest Cookies – To Have or Not to Have

No Cookies Beyond This Point

Some of us merely use our social media profiles for personal interest, including having our own Pinterest profiles and boards to collect pins on things that interest us or projects we might be working on, such as planning a wedding or renovating a bathroom, or collecting exercise moves.

But I’m guessing most you that will read this article uses Pinterest to create an appropriate audience for your business and help sell your products or services, or like we at WSI, use several Pinterest accounts as part of our marketing strategies for our clients.

For a while now Pinterest have been leaving cookies, and not the
kind that you enjoy with milk late at night! Pinterest uses this information to drive suggestions to your feed relevant to previous searches and pins that you have done. Great, when you are a personal Pinterest user, but it can become annoying if you access several Pinterest accounts on one work station.

Here is how to ensure that your personal interests does not influence what you see as part of your business Pinterest feeds.

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