Link to Success with LinkedIn

LinkedIn connects and expands professionals’ and companies’ networks via this social platform that boasts more than 135 million members in over 200 countries. Professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate that is faster than two new members per second.

What can you do with LinkedIn?

  • Establish your professional profile – career info, position, experience, skills and link this to your business’s LinkedIn profile
  • Check another professional’s career, education and skills
  • Find professionals with the skills you need for your business
  • Follow companies that you are interested in and stay informed – us this information to engage and comment
  • Explore possibly opportunities for your business
  • View detailed statistical information on a competitors ‘ business page.
  • Get recommendations from other professionals to add credibility to your profile
  • Find experts and ideas and resolve unique business challenges and, at the same time, offer your expert advice and ideas
  • Get answers from professionals with LinkedIn’s “Answers” tool
  • Follow and contribute topics on unique professional groups
  • Join industry groups
  • Invite business prospects into your network
  • Encourage your staff to join LinkedIn which reflects your company as their employer and boosts the reach of your company profile
  • Take the opportunity to engage around key dates, events and profile changes
  • Generate new ideas and business development opportunities through your staff’s internal connections
  • Open opportunities by linking to other professionals in your industry

In summary, statistics reflects that the success rate for customer acquisition via LinkedIn for B2B businesses is 61% and for B2C businesses, 38%.

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