Let Your Customers Hit Your Target with Pinterest

Hit Your Target With Pinterest

When I visualise my understanding of Pinterest, I see a picture of many little Indians with bows and arrows enthusiastically seeking out any target to strike. Relay that to Pinterest… in a very big way… millions of little Indians with Pin It arrows looking for targets!

You can make your business become a major tribe in the survivor story by setting up well-strategised targets.

The statistics reflected on the infographic below are telling a very interesting story about the effects of Pinterest on channelling traffic to websites.

Merely looking at a comparison between Facebook and Pinterest one realises that Pinterest has become a vital ingredient in the marketing mix of a business serious about utilising the power of the internet.

If your aim is to become part of these impressive statistics, here are a few tips:

Don’t bombard your audience
Probably one of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make on Pinterest is filling their page with everything and anything. This can make it overwhelming for viewers. Stay focused when creating your pins. Don’t be afraid to post relevant and interesting content, but avoid over-posting, it will just cause confusion.

Know your audience
The majority of Pinterest users are woman, well for now, at least. Keep this in mind when creating your pins and think carefully what will promote your products or business but at the same time add variety that will keep visitors interested. Therefor, don’t only post images of your products, add pins with quotes, interesting tips etc.

Optimise for Search Engines
Do this by posting unique, fresh content enriched with keywords and use the Categories feature of Pinterest that allows you to identify with a particular niche market. When you create captions and content for your Pinterest posts, add relevant links to your website or blog. This helps build traffic, and each time people repin your posts they generate additional backlinks for you.

Follow other Pinners
Build a following by following other relevant Pinners and repin their content and they will do the same for you.

Remember the nature of this platform – visual
Post good quality, enticing images. Psychologist Albert Mehrabian demonstrated that 93% of communication is nonverbal, hence the major impact visual images have on consumer decisions.

Don’t let your business miss out being ‘on board’ with Pinterest! WSI Web Marketing can help your business to rank as a top target for Pin It arrows. Contact us today.

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