How To Enjoy Building Websites

Website Design & Development

Over the years, I have had many different types of jobs in many different industries. I have enjoyed some of these jobs and some of them I have not enjoyed, but the only job I have ever loved, is building websites. But as with anything, things tend to lose their appeal over time and something you once loved doing can become boring. So how can you ensure that you continue to enjoy your job as a web designer/developer?

One of the main things is to not lose your momentum, keep challenging yourself. Don’t be satisfied with where you are as a Developer. If you know your JavaScript is not what it could be, challenge yourself. There are millions of online resources that can help you to improve your skill set in any aspect of Web Development. When you plan your next project, make sure that it will challenge you. The trick is, not to make it so challenging that you struggle to meet your deadlines, but rather just challenging enough so that you push yourself and learn.

Tying into this, try doing something you’ve never done before. Build a responsive site, use horizontal scrolling, parallax scrolling, make use of full page sized images. Try a new technique or a new style of website. It goes without saying that you should never implement anything that negatively affects your sites usability, so find something that suits the site and adds to it, rather than just doing it for the sake of trying something new.

Another thing is to make sure that like the website that you are working on. Now of course, you can’t always build the website you want, you have to design and develop a website that is in line with your clients brief, but you can always make sure that you include elements that you like. This will keep you interested in the website and will make sure you enjoy designing and developing it.

On one of our recent sites, Group 1 Nissan, I made use of some interesting techniques. On the Group 1 Nissan New Car pages I made use of horizontal scrolling content boxes to give a breakdown of the version model specs available and as well as expanding content in the body of the page.

There are many other ways to keep things interesting, but with these have always worked for me. How do keep things fresh when you build a new website, let us know below.


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