Get the Most Out of Your Image Searches

Google Image Search

So you’re looking for the perfect image on Google, but don’t know how to make the most of your search? Well why not try using Google’s related images function at the top of the results! This will allow you to find the most relevant pictures related to the image search you are busy with.

For example, if you search for the term Cape Town on image search it will show you loads of pictures of Table Mountain. But now you can use the related image search at the top of the image search page to find images of the city of Cape Town itself, the beaches of Cape Town and even pictures of girls on the cities beaches.

When you then click on the related images query, you’ll be able to see a new snapshot of the results. If the image you are looking for is still not there, then click “View all images” to see even more great pictures or simply visit the sites where the original pics can be found.

So now there is no excuse for not finding the right picture thanks to this Google’s related image search feature.

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