WSI Joins the Kili Climb 4 Kids Expedition

WSI Joins the Kili Climb 4 Kids Expedition

Having climbed Kilimanjaro myself back in 2000, I could really identify with the WSI team that took up this challenge. It’s a tough climb, where either your body adapts… or not. On the morning we summited the mountain was completely surrounded by low hanging clouds, probably around 2000 meters below us… it’s the kind of scene that gives one a fresh perspective on life, a feeling of freedom – one which is in stark contrast to the plight of those children that are still caught in the clutches of slavery. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it still exists in 2015. We hope our WSI team’s initiatives below will help aid the fight to end it.

WSI, the world’s largest network of Digital Marketing Consultants, and a passionate advocate of children’s welfare, participated in World Vision’s Kili Climb 4 Kids expedition from June 16-24, to help fight child slavery. In addition to being a corporate sponsor of the Kili Climb 4 Kids initiative, WSI also participated in the actual challenge of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain. The goal of this campaign was to highlight the cause of child exploitation and raise $150,000 that would go towards World Vision’s No Child for Sale Campaign and the Women and Girls in Crisis Fund.

WSI’s Co-Founder, Dan Monaghan, along with Team World Vision, and celebrity ambassadors that included JD Scott, Cheryl Bernard, and Rick Campanelli, completed the entire trek of 5,895 meters in 9 days. This arduous, but extremely enriching trek that started at the rainforests of Lemosho Glades on June 16th, took the climbers via Shira Plateu, Southern Flank, Barramco Wall, and Barafu Route. Climbers had ample opportunities to witness closely the grandeur of Africa as they moved ahead on the journey. Prior to the actual climb, the team visited the Ketumbeine Village in northern Tanzania to see first-hand the cause that they are supporting.

The company enlisted the support of its expansive network of employees, Digital Marketing Consultants, and partners to support the team of climbers as they completed this tough challenge. WSI network members donated to the cause and closely followed Dan Monaghan and other team members’ journey on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Commented Mark Dobson, Co-Founder and CEO, WSI, “Child slavery is inhumane, a crime that needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. It is also bound very closely together with child poverty. With MCPH, we have already started taking steps to make the changes we wish to see in the world. Our participation in the Kili Climb 4 Kids is a further step in this direction. Our entire network congratulates Dan and the rest of the team on making the successful climb. We are extremely proud of his involvement in this initiative!”

WSI, a leader in the digital marketing industry has taken social responsibility very seriously since its very inception. It has taken definitive steps to end child poverty through its charitable foundation, Make Child Poverty History (MCPH). MCPH is an ongoing global initiative to mobilize resources and bring together individuals and organizations in an effort to eradicate child poverty, one child, one village at a time. As part of his visit to Africa, Dan Monaghan will also be visiting some of the villages where WSI has sponsored children through MCPH.

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