WSI Launches New Ecommerce Site for Asset Print

Asset Print

Since 2007 WSI in Cape Town has helped Asset Print remain at the forefront of both the online and offline digital printing market. Then in April 2016 WSI helped Asset Print to take a leap into the future as we launched a brand new 3rd generation website that now included a full Ecommerce solution. This was a complete break from the past, as previously Asset Print had only utilised a separate site for selling just a handful of print products online.

Besides from a seamless e-commerce solution this new website also now focused on showcasing quality print work, which has in turn helped us to make the new website one of the most visually appealing e-commerce websites we have ever built. It has also allowed us to enhance conversion and online sales through the visualisation of Asset Prints outstanding products in an easy to use highly effective website.

Building a SEO Friendly Ecommerce & Branded Site!

From the initial wire-frame and design to the final launch of the new Asset Print website, close attention was given to ensuring that the accurate re-directing of old url’s, as well as the introduction of new SEO friendly folder structures, was instrumental in maintaining current search rankings. Because of this seamless SEO integration with the new branded website more than 80% of Asset Prints original rankings held true during the transition phase, and those that did see a slight drop have already started to return to their earlier search ranking levels.

All of this has not only helped to maintain visitor levels to the site, but has in fact also increased the number of new and return customers to the website. This new design and site navigation has even improved conversion levels and thanks to our ongoing detailed website data analysis we can now implement continual optimisation measures to ensure further growth in both search engine rankings as well as conversion levels. Because of this we are supremely confident that Asset Print will remain a driving force in the local Cape Town and national South African, printing market for years to come.

Who is Asset Print?

For more than a decade Asset Print has made a name for itself thanks to their service excellence, dedication to the art of digital printing, and because they are a company that knows how to deliver business printing solutions that don’t cost the earth. This has allowed them to offer amazing digital printing services and provide many of the most “in demand” printing products at the most competitive prices. These services include:

Established in June 2006 by owner/operator Michael Fortuin to provide the best printing in Cape Town, Asset Print is one of only a handful of BEE printing companies in South Africa. They have even been listed as a Level 1 Contributor to B-BBEE with a 135% BEE Procurement Recognition Level! Asset Print is therefore not only dedicated to offering quality printing at an affordable price, but they are also committed to the overall economic success of South Africa as a whole.

Why Asset Print Chose WSI

Thanks to our hands-on approach to creating websites that truly work for our clients, we have been able to utilise our intimate knowledge of web architecture to create an online presence for Asset Print that uses technical, aesthetic and functional criteria to ensure that the new website is:

  • Easy to find thanks to the use of best SEO practices
  • Easy to use thanks to the use of best practise web architecture
  • Easy on the eye thanks to our approach to functional yet visually appealing web design

The Way Forward

We at WSI have designed and built a website for Asset Print that is helping to boost sales, increase brand awareness and provide a solid base for even further growth into all South African digital printing arenas. To assist with this moving forward we will be providing ongoing national and local Search Engine Optimisation Services, as well as Paid Search Marketing, to ensure that this growth not only continues, but in fact accelerates. Our SEO strategies include best practise onsite as well as off site digital marketing that utilises a combination of guest posts, directory listings, social sharing, content syndication and PR opportunities

To ensure that this occurs we will provide regular transparent marketing reports that will help ensure that Asset Print are in a position to be able to determine what their return on digital marketing investment is, and by doing so allowing us to help them make the right Search Engine Marketing decisions as we move forward together.

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