Are You Re-pinning Your SEO Marketing Strategy Yet?


A couple of week’s ago Pinterest announced Rich Pins. This allows the user to add additional information regarding that pin, over and above the current information that can be provided. An example would be adding ingredients to a recipe pin or available colours on a pin about leather couches.

And as per Pinterest’s promise, this is only the beginning.
More information = more unique content = SEO benefits = more traffic

It’s a fact

Consider the following facts: Pinterest is the fastest stand-alone website to reach the ten million mark, generating more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined, outperforming Facebook in the arena of referrals and presently ranks 19th out of the best 500 sites in South Africa.

As per the comment made by the general manager for digital marketing for Real Life magazine: “time to re-tool our marketing strategies, don’t you think?”

Can Pinterest influence the consumer’s decision?

Yes, definitely. Pinterest is a platform created by pictures, so to speak, and we all know the saying “a picture paints a thousand words”.

Words encapsulate the intent of people – differently put – words reveal the motivational reason why people do certain things. For example, why does someone buy a product, or click on a Call Back button on a web site?

To further underpin the above concept, no pun intended, research has found that four words are championing the success of social networks for business – use, look, want and need. Now add the word ‘this’ after any of these verbs + add a attention-grabbing picture = bam! a powerful impact!

The above also illustrates that the heartbeat of the Pinterest site is consumption. It also follows then that businesses should not be lulled into thinking that they can not use Pinterest as part of their SEO strategy because they might not have a tangible product to put in the Pinterest shop window.

Pins can be a powerful branding tool for businesses in that it also communicates, shall we call it, the spirit of a company – creating trust – creating credibility – creating loyalty.

A few reasons how Pinterest can enhance your key word strategy

Because Google indexes personal Pinterest profiles and private Pinterest boards as well, you can have pin boards titled with specific key words and in this way target your own domain.

Any subscribers to your Facebook page will be notified of activity on your companies’ Pinterest boards.

When something new is pinned, the followers of that board will see it, ‘repin’ it on their own board if they like it enough and in turn their followers might repin it again and so the process can repeat and create substantial reach.

Back links are created to the webpage the pin was discovered on, and a big advantage is also that these back links do not include the dreaded ‘no follow’ attribute, which means that search engines consider this when determining the value of the destination page therefor boosting web credibility.

Traffic created via Facebook to a companies’ website is mostly from the companies’ own Facebook page, just as traffic from YouTube is mostly generated from a business channel. Both the specific Facebook page and the YouTube channel must actually be sought out by the customer. Because Pinterest uses other user’s repins and the businesses’’ pins and profile, the effect is that traffic is generated from two sources, not just one source. People using Pinterest will have a higher chance of seeing products they might be interested in.

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