About Google Analytics – Part 1

Google Analytics is a comprehensive web analytics solution that is available to any business with a website. Once implemented, Google Analytics will immediately start answering some of your questions including:

  • How many people visited my website?
  • How long did they stay?
  • How many pages did they view?
  • How many of them returned to the website?
  • Where are these visitors located (country, city, region)?
  • What language do they speak?
  • Did these visitors access my website on a desktop computer, mobile or tablet?
  • What browser do they use?
  • How did these visitors get to my website (Google, newsletter, Facebook referral etc.)?
  • On what page did they enter the website?
  • Which pages did they decide to visit?
  • What was the last page they viewed?

What do you do with this information?

It is important to realise that in order to unlock the real value of this tool, the data it presents should be manipulated and interpreted on a more advanced level by an Online Marketing Analyst. It is essential to not only know ‘what’ is happening’ on your website but to also discover ‘why’. This insight will help you to improve your website and online marketing campaigns over time.

An Online Marketing Analyst will combine their knowledge of the online marketing industry with technical expertise to segment data in Google Analytics and build custom reports that are meaningful and actionable in terms of business goals.

Part 2 of the blog post will cover how Google Analytics can help you improve your website and how do you know if your website is really converting visitors into leads.

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