Above The Fold

Posted by on 06 Mar 2014 under Content

Above The Fold

Above the fold is a term that has been inherited from print design. When a newspaper is placed in a newsstand, only the top half of the front page is visible because the paper has been folded in half. Because of this it is important to place eye catching headlines and images ‘above the fold’. The terminology was then adopted by other forms of print media and eventually it became relevant to web design. In terms of website design, above the fold refers to content […]

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Don’t Make Me Scroll

Posted by on 07 Feb 2014 under Content, Design


Websites scroll, it is the way of the internet. Ever since the earliest days of the internet, when there is a page of any significant length the page would simply scroll down until you ran out of content. Even in our modern age of responsive design and mobile devices, we still rely on scrolling, but is there a better way? From a marketing point of view, I’m constantly being asked the question, is that content or feature above the fold? In other words, is it […]

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Finding Your Company’s Voice

Posted by on 24 Jan 2014 under Content


Don’t Take That Tone With Me! “It is not what you say that matters but the manner in which you say it; there lies the secret of the ages.” William Carlos Williams Are you using the correct tone for your business? Often people can struggle to find a voice or tone for their copy that fits your brand perfectly in order to best appeal to your audience. This handy basic guide to tone can provide the first steps to finding your perfect tone. But remember, […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Image Searches

Posted by on 18 Jun 2013 under Content

Google Image Search

So you’re looking for the perfect image on Google, but don’t know how to make the most of your search? Well why not try using Google’s related images function at the top of the results! This will allow you to find the most relevant pictures related to the image search you are busy with. For example, if you search for the term Cape Town on image search it will show you loads of pictures of Table Mountain. But now you can use the related image […]

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So You Want Great Content For Your Website?

Posted by on 24 May 2013 under Content


Great content is not as difficult to create than you might think, but it does take a little patience and a lot of time. Read on dear reader to find out more… Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

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