Above The Fold

Posted by on 06 Mar 2014 under Content

Above The Fold

Above the fold is a term that has been inherited from print design. When a newspaper is placed in a newsstand, only the top half of the front page is visible because the paper has been folded in half. Because of this it is important to place eye catching headlines and images ‘above the fold’. The terminology was then adopted by other forms of print media and eventually it became relevant to web design. In terms of website design, above the fold refers to content […]

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Web Design Trends For 2014

Posted by on 20 Feb 2014 under Design


Last year we looked at some of 2013’s top web design trends. The top trends were highlighted, illustrated and briefly explained in an infographic. While in the blog content, I briefly discussed potential trends for 2014. I pointed out Flat Design, Responsive Design and Infinite Scrolling as my top trend picks for 2014. Responsive Design is, of course, an obvious one. I would actually hesitate to call it a design trend, because I believe it is here to stay. But at of that aside, now […]

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Don’t Make Me Scroll

Posted by on 07 Feb 2014 under Content, Design


Websites scroll, it is the way of the internet. Ever since the earliest days of the internet, when there is a page of any significant length the page would simply scroll down until you ran out of content. Even in our modern age of responsive design and mobile devices, we still rely on scrolling, but is there a better way? From a marketing point of view, I’m constantly being asked the question, is that content or feature above the fold? In other words, is it […]

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The Ultimate Social Media Size Cheat Sheet

Posted by on 25 Oct 2013 under Social Media


Whenever I need to design something for a Social Media platform, I always find myself reaching for Google and typing in the relevant search phrase, something like, “Google+ Cover Image size” and although this always gives me the answer I need, it’s not always the quickest way to get things done. In addition, there is bound to be a fair amount of incorrect information out there. That is why this new, up-to-date, Social Media cheat sheet is something that every designer should keep handy. This […]

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Development Problems – Help is at hand

Posted by on 18 Oct 2013 under Development, Online Tools


We’ve all been there, speaking as a Web developer. You’re developing a website and you’ve run into a problem that, despite your best efforts, you are unable to solve. So you decide to “Google it”. But sometimes, Google is not enough, you need a specific solution to a specific problem, you need someone to guide you through this problem, a personal touch, so to speak. Worry not, Stack Overflow is here to help. But what is Stack Overflow, I hear you ask. Well, rather than […]

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What is Flat Design?

Posted by on 11 Oct 2013 under Design


I briefly mentioned Flat Design in my previous blog post, but what is it actually? Flat Design is one of the latest trends in Web Design and in User Interfaces in general, Apple’s iOS 7 has moved away from the skeuomorphic design of iOS 6 and adopted a basic form of Flat Design. Essentially Flat Design is a minimalistic approach to design, it makes use of solid colours with little or no gradients applied and has a very 2D look about it. No textures, bevels […]

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Web Design Trends in 2013

Posted by on 11 Oct 2013 under Design


As 2013 draws to a close, that’s right there have less than 3 months left of the year 2013, let’s take a look at some of the Web Design trends of the year. Responsive Design, Metro, Minimalism, Typography, Parallax Scrolling, Infinite Scrolling, Fixed Headers, Single Page Websites, Large Image Backgrounds and Content First, these where the buzzwords of this year, but the question is, which of these trends will be dated next year and which will stand the test of time? Take a look at […]

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One second of the internet

Posted by on 20 Sep 2013 under Online Tools, Social Media


One second of the internet is a interesting site. This page simply presents its users with large, plain text, stating “In one second on the Internet there are…” and a arrow pointing downwards. Once you start scrolling, there are counters for everything from Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and Dropbox. These counters display the number of tweets, likes, videos watched and files uploaded since the site was loaded, there is also a counter at the top of the page displaying how many seconds the pages […]

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How To Enjoy Building Websites

Posted by on 13 Sep 2013 under Development


Over the years, I have had many different types of jobs in many different industries. I have enjoyed some of these jobs and some of them I have not enjoyed, but the only job I have ever loved, is building websites. But as with anything, things tend to lose their appeal over time and something you once loved doing can become boring. So how can you ensure that you continue to enjoy your job as a web designer/developer? One of the main things is to […]

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How CSS Can Improve Your UX

Posted by on 23 Aug 2013 under Design, Development


User Experience or UX, in web design terms, is how a user experiences a website. This includes everything from the usability of the website, to how the user feels about the look and feel of the website. UX depends on various factors including how long a website takes to load, how easy it is to use and to navigate and how the website is presented visually. When creating various visual elements on a website, such as buttons, navigation bars and backgrounds, many people still use […]

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